Friday, November 20, 2009

Some of my Websites

I though I would just link a couple of my websites from the blogger account, every back link counts I guess

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Online Business Training
Health Care Jobs

Busy Setting up my online business

Well its been about 7 months now of continuous learning and reading all about making money on the internet and let me say that although "Easy when you know how" its not so easy to learn how.

Every internet marketing Guru seems to have his own magic pill, but guess what it is only magic for them because they know how it works and what to do with it.

So for now I am at least just getting started, I have built a number of Adsense websites, some new and not ranking yet but other which have been lying around I have monetize and at least everyday I am not earning a little bit of money... and yes its pretty much auto piolt once you get the sites up, get them ranked and then built a couple back links.

I am also finding out about a lot of tools you can use to speed up the process, once the money is better I will be getting a lot of these tools which will speed up the building and marketing of the websites...

Wish me luck as we move into the new career.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The best Internet Marketing Learning Resources

Well its been a couple months now and I think I am slowly making headway with this internet marketing thing... I am still over whelmed with the amount of information which has been coming my way... over a 1,000 emails in my research folder..but I think I am getting a handle on what is real and what is just someone trying to sell me something.

I have now purchased a host of products, read and listen (Video) to them all and I think I now have the 3 best real products..

Best guide for getting started... Maverick Money Makers

- This site explains not only all the concepts but walks you through each website so you can tell how to implement the strategies.. Mack has made Millions online and you can learn all his secrets and he will show you proof of his earnings.

- The members area is full to the brim of mainly videos on how to get started and which strategies make the big money, it also has products, ready made websites, motivational speakers etc etc.

This site is the ultimate kick off site for any Newbie marketer or middle earner... visit the site at

The next step... Fast Money with PPC

Steven Clayton & Tim Godfrey have really put together what I would call the best plan of action to get yourself into profit quick, they tell you step by step (With Short Video's) how to pick the products, how to do your keyword research, how to setup your adwords campaign, how to manage these campaigns, when to check them, how to reduce your bids and altimately how to scale them into massive profit...

I had to invest about 6 hours to get through the whole course but I feel this time will pay me millions as I develop my campaigns, I am 100% backing this info and dont think you can go wrong investing in this members site, check it out ....

PS. They also provide you with info on all the tools you need and how to use them, and real campaigns you can get started with in their business in a box section, a forum is also available...go there now

And finally a course which I have not completed 100% yet but will have it done in a couple days... this is Adam Short's Niche Profit Classroom...

Adam creates his own products for his niche markets and has over 300 websites selling his own information products and this is just the start... learn how he does this and much more.

This is my recommend list, use it, don't use it... its really up to you but if you want to get going with your internet marketing business then this is how to start.

Until next time, any questions can be sent to

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oil Rig Jobs

I have been looking into working on the Oil Rigs and the first thing I noticed is the amount of Oil Rig Job Scams there were in the market... How do you spot a scam I hear you ask...well based on my years of experience in international technical recruitment one thing that really stands out and is the absolute no no is that a candidate should never have to pay an agency a fee to get them a job (Agencies are compensated by the company who employ you) ... Often added to this is the claim that if you pay the agency they guarantee you will be placed... this is near impossible to guarantee, mainly because of who you are, you may not be a good fit e.g To old or young (Good age is 18-50 max) you may have a medical condition which is not acceptable to most employers...or you could have a bad record (Criminal or Work Reference) ... So bottom line if you are looking for Oil Rig Jobs please do not pay the agency for finding you the job.

When is it OK to pay... well as described above not for the recruitment part but where you will find value and a legit purchase is when the product or service offer value and can actually help you, this could be in the form of a book which helps lead you to getting the job or a service which will introduce you to companies who actually employ staff for their own rigs..

I have found a company who actually provides a great service, they have a website which tells you all about getting the Oil Rig Job and they describe the roles and applicable salaries for these roles, they also help you setup your cv/resume to increase your chances of getting a position and the final cracker is that they will host your CV on your own web page and then submit your Oil Rig Resume to over 1200 companies locally and internationally who require staff.

This is an amazing service and I recommend that you go check them out right away even if you just want some more information visit >> Oil Rig Jobs

Monday, May 11, 2009

Internet Marketing – Smoke and mirrors or does it work?

After spending months, day in and day out trying to find the real truth about internet marketing, I don’t think I am any closer to getting the right answers.

The main problem I am having is where you start; there are just too many options. It seems, and this is just my opinion, that affiliate marketing is the way to go but seems you have two options here, focus all your energy for 6 to 12 months on building an email opt in list and then you might see some results OR jump straight in with Google Adwords and become a mathematical genius with a fat wallet, as I hear you could easily loose your shirt here if you don’t get it right.

Its crazy and really doing my head in at the moment and I guess the only real option is to learn while doing and just test everything until I find what works for me and then stick in the area.

I hope this works as I have a real passion for the internet and can see that if I can get it right there is a full time income to be made from Affiliate Marketing, Adsense and digital product creation, do you agree?